Douglas Fir Kitchen Cabinets

gorsuch kitchen.jpg

Kitchen Cabinets, paneling and floating shelves made of vertical-grain Douglas Fir. Machined pulls in the flat-paneled door and drawer faces enhance the minimalist style. Adjacent white lacquered floating pantry cabinet compliments the oil-finished kitchen cabinets.

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gorsuch cabinets.jpg

Cherry Bathroom Vanity

gorsuch bath up.jpg

 Bathroom vanity is solid Cherry. The pulls are made of Wenge.

gorsuch bath.jpg
gorsuch bath up up.jpg

Walnut Kitchen

botlon hill kitchen magic copy.jpg

Kitchen cabinets and paneling in American walnut. Appliances are panel-ready to match the faces of all the cabinetry.

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botlon hill kitchen.jpg
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Maple Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets and banquette seating with trestle table. Made of clear-finished solid Maple.

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Bloodwood Vanity


 Bathroom vanity is solid Cherry. The pulls are made of Wenge.


TV Built-In


A built-in for a wall-mounted television. Display shelving and under-counter storage for easily accessible living room accessories. Finished in white lacquer.